Monday, January 14, 2008


hey hey hey
i'm back from Jelajah Malaysia 08.
it was ultimately fun , got to know lots of new people :)
enjoyed everyone's company, and the experiences.
i got to ride on motorbike to follow the pelatons, got to enjoy the convoy escorted by the traffic police, got to get myself wetby the rain in dataran merdeka, got to lead the pelaton and do some crazy photographing.
it was nice. really nice :)

Congratulations to team LeTua, Anuar Manan, Suhardi Hassan, and Tonton Susanto. You gave Malaysians (and asians) something to cheer on.

i will upload the photos really soon. supposedly the photos are uploaded today, but the internet's being so irritatingly slow, so yeah. sabar yaa :)

here's my credits..
Thank You JM08. Thanks Dad,mom,kak hanim,aunty beebee, pak denny,abang azman,abang jamal, abang nanong, abang yanto,abang botak, abang champ and yens, abang daud,abang emir,abg razali pb,abang nowin,abg zizi,abg halim, abg mat nor, and semua segala abang lah for being a great company and for your support! also , not forgotten anuar manan , wim, lex,lars pria, mr martin my mr bean, mr zhao, willybilly,and kl + putrajaya team!it's wonderful to know each and every single one of you.
hope to see all of you again next year in JM 09.

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