Monday, February 4, 2008

Local Architecture- Penang Global City Centre.

Alright. I see another iconic building coming, growing, in the northern territory of Malaysia.
This massive project is actually a part of PM's vision of The Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER)

Something to be proud of, no?

Apparently,'s nothing to be proud of.( at least by the majority of Penangites)

Why do we actually need another set of twins to be built on an already, congested island.
why do need another 'cheap' immitation of Pelli's Petronas twin towers.
why does the government actually has to spend RM 25 Billion to create another landmark?
why can't we just leave the Penang Turf Club to be green as it is.
Why create a new one when we can retain and conserve what we already have?

I was really excited when saw those catchy images and renderings done by Asymptote , headed by Hani Rashid( YES, Karim Rashid's brother ;) )
Asymptote has been working on this project for about four years now.
And, apparently, Leon Van Schaik who happens to be my lecturer in uni, was the judge involved in this mega project.
and, OMA (my favourite team of architects), Morphosis,Atelier Seraji and some other big international and local names took part in the limited competition. interesting for me to know.

As an architecture student, i've always had to come up with 'killer' and seductive renderings to at least deceive my tutors,
to show how my design works , 'aesthetically' and 'physically' in the site context.
Obviously it's easier for you to win the votes and their agreements on the project.
and from what i read, and heard.
in 15 years, this building will be completed.
and another 15 years, the state government will have to set up another fund to control the stormwater in this flood-prone area.
Abad Naluri has actually proposed something to work that out, well we'll see.
i think they should've proposed on working out the already disorganized urbanization in the state itself.

come on, people around the world already know Penang like they know KLCC.
just spend some money on publications and medias worldwide, all what it takes to bring back the profit.MORE.

I tried to be neutral in voicing out my opinion. But sorry i just can't. :P

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((( ))) said...

this project is not going ahead.. and it did have a bad review in AJ.