Monday, April 7, 2008

hold on a sec. (yah, sure)

not that this picture relates to the post down here...
one of the thing that annoys me the most is probably ..

i really hate the services here in australia.
even when it involves someone's life.

u have to make an appointment to see a doctor here.
unlike malaysia, we can just walk in and drop in our name at the counter,
and they'll just call us in. well, within 24 hours at least you can have yourself treated.

here, if sakit like demam or migrain or anything, jangan harap u nak pegi doctor.
by the time you get to see them, you'll be already healthy, or dead.
coz it's damn hard to make an appointment on the day itself, and geez,
the doctor won't bother staying in the clinic after 5, before 5 dah siap pack barang bla.

in my case.
i went to the doctor at 12.40, my appointment was at 12.45.
then i saw the doctor walking behind me, and he somehow eloped somewhere from the back there.
i had to wait for him for almost an hour, bloody one hour , and i saw him walking inside the clinic merrily with his lunch.
uggggggggggh bengangnya. he couldve told me earlier kan that i should come an hour later.
ni tak, he made me wait.
and it has always been like that.
ive waited for him for 2 hours the last time i saw him .
its getting on my nerve la.

and i really can't tolerate laziness.
yeah i admit i get lazy at times,
but kalau lazy sampai menyusahkan orang tu memang melampau la kan.

sorry my mood has been really , cranky today.
so stressed up with everything.
no im not complaining.