Saturday, June 7, 2008

zainul, the 'hunk'

since i'm having trouble uploading my pictures in xanga,
ill blog here.
p/s:XANGA sucks when it comes to publishing photos.

well, gotta say i'm proud of you and your confidence! hehehe!

and also,

another congratulation goes to zamm @ Harnizam Basri + AzizulHasni for winning the cycling events in SUKMA terengganu :)
majulah cycling untuk negara! heheh

last but not least,
GOOD LUCK to Lars Pria for your Tour of Romania!
hope you'll win at least one stage.
God Bless :)


Miss Aida said...

Those are pretty good pictures of your friend.

e-one said...

say hye to zainul from me....
i met him couple times, but never hav chance to lepak borak2. told him next time jumpa kita lepak lama skit borak2...

The Pocket Rocketman said...

zam dude..i know him..:P