Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giro D' Italia - Stage 6

the team i was supporting yesterday, WON!
CSF NAVIGARE did it again!
Matteo Priamo (67) did an excellent job maintaining
his speed throughout the race. He escaped from the breakaway
group of 11, with Perez (78) of team Euskaltel, leading by 12 seconds.
yesterday's stage was the longest one in Giro, at 231 km in length,
and it was supposed to be 265 km, but the management cut it down by
34 km to allow the cyclists have more time to rest for the next stage.
but i gotta say the race was a 'dull' one yesterday since there was
not much action (sprinting/crashing) happened yesterday.
even Perez didnt open out any sprint to catch up
with Priamo, leaving him to finish only 6 seconds after Priamo.

my favourite 66,162 and 214 were nowhere to be found :(

gee, i feel like my blog is turning into a cycling blog already.

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