Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ive been spending lots of time playing games at home, and i'm getting bored of guitar hero,
since i can't unlock 2 songs, i'm hiring someone to do that for me :P. aaput, cepat balik. i need more songs man. now ada four je, gila loser kan. hehe

so, yesterday i was reading this cycling mag,
and saw this review on Pro Cycling Manager.
it's a simulation game that allows u to form your own team of cyclists,
and from what i saw in youtube,
it looks good!uberrrr good!i enjoyed the crash part.
definitely slotting it in my wishlist!

the only down part is , its not compatible with PS3.
so, the only way i can play this is with a PC since i dont have a PSP.

random question:
fifa or winning eleven lagi best?


Nurul Nuha =) said...

random question:
fifa or winning eleven lagi best?

nuha's random answer:
the sims 2??? hahahah..
dah bosan gila main the sims 2 on ps2..duhhh.

maybe fifa kot, my bro gila fifa sket..huhu~

Miss Aida said...

I rock Guitar Hero. :P

I find it random you're so into cycling. And now a cycling game?!

Sara Aziz said...

thanks for the reply nuha:D
haha, nasib baik i beli fifa. tauke kedai tu tak habis2 promote fifa, die ckp winning e outdated. i pun dgr je la.

aida, good that you rock guitar hero.
now i cant wait to play with uuuu :D

random meh? haha takla, i suka since early this year. :)and now since i got nothing to do, been following up all the cycling events from tv and on the net. :D