Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beijing Olympic National Stadium

I guess by now everyone knows what this building is right?

The exterior view of Birds Nest Stadium

Interior View of the stadium.notice the waterproof membrane acting as the roof of this stadium.

Ever since i first laid my eyes on the 3d renderings of this stadium, i knew that the real stadium was going to be built exactly as beautiful as the renderings were shown.
Why not? China has commisioned great teams of engineers, headed by ARUP and their own chinese engineers. And the architect, China had definitely chosen the right architects for their main stadium, Herzog & de Meuron. They're my favourite team of architects when it comes to big scale projects. They've worked wonders for the Germany Allianz Football Stadium, and now the Birds Nest Stadium , and the Ice Cube for the Aquatic centre in China.

I was watching the documentary showing the construction of this stadium. Man was i amazed.The whole process of detailing the materials,the timing of the construction, the working labours,the technical specialties, the numbers and meticulous calculations by the engineers, and just about everything else. They're all IMPRESSIVE.I guess the most interesting part of the construction was when the outer structure was already installed, and the inner supporting columns had to be removed.
well, presumably that was the most nerve-wrecking moment ever for the construction team. Imagine if the whole thing collapses, just because of a mistake of calculation by the engineers.scary.

i couldnt find the documentary i watched yesterday in youtube. this is the best that i could find, try watching it. you'll be impressed :)

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