Sunday, August 10, 2008

spain's lucky number 8

Samuel Sanchez of Spain won the road event in Beijing Olympic.
I was supporting them Spaniards because, they're simply the best.
I knew Paolo Bettini was not in his best condition , not as good as the previous Olympic in Athens, so i knew the gold has got to go to someone younger and stronger :P Although Alejandro Valverde and Cadel Evans were my favourites for yesterday's events, I am still happy that Sanchez took the lead.

The leading breakaway team consisted of Andy Schleck, Samuel Sanchez,Fabian Cancellara, Davide Rebellin, and Aussie's Michael Rogers. I realized that Michael Rogers played a dirty game yesterday when he tried to keep himself at the back of the breakaway riders, avoiding himself from doing all the hard work.
In the end, he was the last in the leader's team to reach the finishing line, behind Andy Schleck, which was quite a dissapointment to Luxemborg as well. But he did a good job of breaking the peloton and being a leader of the race for few minutes. Overall it was an awesome race, and i enjoyed the live coverage and of course,the fact that i got to watch it at home with the Malaysian's best cycling team, LE TUA , made it more fun!


Miss Aida said...

You really love the cyclists!

How are you?

amer said...

ser ade 2nd hand dslr for sale x? ehe